Art Design Chicago is a platform for collaboration and collective action to explore and elevate Chicago's rich visual art and design histories and creative communities. The project is intended to build new understandings of the city through art and design, and to strengthen vital connections between its cultural organizations, creatives, and communities.

Developed by the Terra Foundation for American Art in partnership with cultural leaders from across the city, this initiative celebrates the diverse individuals, groups, and movements that have made and continue to make Chicago a distinctive hub for creative innovation. The second iteration of Art Design Chicago, featuring a series of exhibitions and events in 2024 as well as programs throughout the intervening years, offers new opportunities to share the multiplicity of voices and stories that contribute to the city’s dynamic artistic identity and cultural history.

Grant Opportunities

In anticipation of Art Design Chicago 2024, the Terra Foundation is currently inviting proposals for research-and-development grants for exhibitions, academic programs grants, and publications grants related to the initiative.

Grant opportunities

Art Design Chicago Now

In anticipation of Art Design Chicago 2024, this series of public programs and digital storytelling amplifies the voices of Chicago's diverse artists and designers, past and present, and explores the essential role they play in shaping the now, in the city and beyond.

Upcoming events

Past Initiatives

Art Design Chicago 2018

The 2018 iteration of Art Design Chicago brought together more than 95 cultural organizations to examine Chicago’s art and design legacy through exhibitions, public programs, special events, and tours as well as several new publications, resulting in the largest exploration of the topic to date. For more information about the results and impact of Art Design Chicago, read our report.

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